Our company is dedicated to the distribution of automotive/industrial lubricants, chemicals, shop equipment, accessories, parts and service, as well as contract packaging.


In the early 1950's, in the Republic of Cuba, Don Orlando Rodríguez-Tirador had established and operated a business, dedicated to carrying vans, using his fleet of heavy vehicles.

In 1955, as if presaging the misfortune that befell on his homeland in 1959, Don Orlando moved to Puerto Rico where he established and founded "AYOR". This name comes from the initials of the names of his brother Antonio and Orlando.

The company was dedicated, as it did previously in the Greater Antilles, to the hauling of vans.

Don Orlando Rodriguez, a proactive and highly organized man, stocked an adequate supply of spare parts for the eventual repair of his fleet of trucks.

Many of his colleagues, as their units broke down, asked him if he could sell them the spare parts he himself stored for the repair of his own tucks.

This situation, which was repeated often, served as a stimulus to establish the business known as "La Casa del Camionero" (The Truckers House). In here there were sold, and sold today, spare parts for all types of trucks.


In 1974, nineteen years after the establishment of "La Casa del Camionero", Don Orlando Rodríguez negotiated with the American company Witco Chemical, Amalie oil manufacturers, the representation of their product. This began to be marketed under the trade name "Amalie of Puerto Rico."

The brothers Fernando Roberto and Orlando Rodríguez, sons of Don Orlando, both whom formed part of the company "La Casa del Camionero", since the early 1970's, established a formidable team with his father, headquartered in Matadero Avenue, in the area of Puerto Nuevo, San Juan. From here, the same physical facilities, both businesses operated: "La Casa del Camionero" and "Amalie of Puerto Rico."

The performance of their offspring was so efficient that in 1985, by mutual agreement and in full harmony in the family, Fernando Roberto and Orlando, son, took over the business. The first was assigned "Amalie of Puerto Rico" and the latter became president of " La Casa del Camionero". His father, Don Orlando, rejoined the activities of his business of hauling trucks for which he had a nostalgic interest.

FERNANDO ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ AND MOTOPAC / Amalie del Caribe (Amalie Caribbean)

When in 1985, “Amalie of Puerto Rico” was established as a separate business from “La Casa del Camionero”, who assumed its presidency was Fernando Roberto Rodriguez-Alvarez, who renamed it “Amalie del Caribe” (Amalie Caribbean).

His experience of more than fifteen years doing business with his father and his brother, facilitated a successful managing of the company.

His skills as a salesman, the additional knowledge acquired through his law practice, his mood of hard worker, responsible and honest, opened the remaining doors that led him to success.

When the lawyer Fernando Roberto Rodríguez died unexpectedly in 2001, with only 46 years of age, it became apparent his quality of farsightedness.

The effort he had put to interest his son, Fernando Roberto Rodriguez-Lugo, in various activities of the business, ever since he was very young, and in preparing him academically, paid off. At just 23 years old, his son assumed with a great sense of responsibility and dedication, the direction of the company.


Fernando Roberto Rodríguez-Lugo, Jr., who since 2001 is president of MOTOPAC, would constitute, for its outstanding performance in business management, a powerful source of pride for his father, gone untimely.

It is gratifying to exchange views with a young man of barely 30 years old, who is projected with a balance, maturity and judgement to such a degree that it gives the impression that such qualities would have been transferred directly from his father.

"I do not deny that I feared having to assume the presidency of MOTOPAC at the age of 23. But the encouragement of my family, the unconditional support of employees who were my father’s and that today are my own and the memory of intelligent man, of an innovative and creative mind that was my father, encouraged me to represent him with dignity. And here I am, doing what he taught me, what I learned from him ... always forward, persevering and fearless", says Fernando Roberto, son.


MOTOPAC flagship product is the same with which it started operations in 1974: Amalie lubricants line brand.

The main customers of “Amalie del Caribe”-MOTOPOC are car dealers. Seventy-five percent -75%- of this segment is served by the company.

Another line served efficiently by MOTOPAC is the packaging and blending of automotive chemicals, such as degreaser, coolant water for batteries, windshield washers and glass cleaners and others.

MOTOPAC also markets machinery and equipment for auto shops. It also represents MOC, a manufacturer of chemicals used for the maintenance and cleansing of various parts and components of automobiles.

Service offered to MOTOPAC’s large and loyal clientele is given not only throughout the island of Puerto Rico, but also to the Lesser Antilles: Saint Thomas, St. Maarten and Anguilla.

“About forty employees in different roles and tasks, serve with efficiency and dedication, our large and growing market”, says President MOTOPAC, Fernando Roberto Rodríguez-Lugo.


“Maintaining an efficient operation over the past 23 years, since 1985, when MOTOPAC established itself as an autonomous entity, unstartled with the ups and downs of the local and global economy, it is motive for pride and satisfaction for all who directly or indirectly, have made their contribution.”

“The successes we have reaped are a monument to the memory of those who, like my grandfather and my father Orlando Rodríguez, Fernando Roberto, now deceased, laid the firm foundation on which MOTOPAC has been built.”

“They are also a source of satisfaction and pride for my immediate family, represented by my mother, Mayra Lugo and my brothers, Mayra and Fernando Gabriel, for my uncle Orlando Rodríguez-Álvarez, for all employees MOTOPAC, and of course, for me that I have been assigned to takeover from those who were were mainstays at the opening of the road to success we enjoy today”, reflects its president, Fernando Roberto Rodríguez-Lugo.


From its background in Cuba, where Don Orlando Rodríguez-Tirador started his business in the service of hauling trucks, to its establishment, development, diversification and expansion of services and products in Puerto Rico, since 1955, “AYOR”, “La Casa del Camionero” “Amalie of Puerto Rico” and “Amalie del Caribe”- MOTOPAC– has been a family business.

Don Orlando, his brother Antonio, his sons Fernando Roberto Rodríguez-Álvarez, Orlando Rodriguez-Álvarez and his grandson Fernando Roberto Rodríguez-Lugo, have highlighted the power of a family when you work together and with clear objectives.

AMCAR and “La Casa del Camionero” are two sister companies, whose growth and fortality represent two strong and spiky obelisks, symbols of the initiative, effort and hard work, responsibility and honesty of a leader and role model family.

Fernando Rodríguez, Jr., head of MOTOPAC and Javier Rodríguez, his cousin, in the direction of “La Casa del Camionero” carry with legitimate pride, the torch of creativity, initiative and persevering effort, that was lit by his grandfather, Don Orlando Rodríguez-Tirador, in a memorable day, of a month which is not remembered in the early 1950's, in what was, and will be soon, not only the homeland of Martí, but also the homeland of all Cubans that, as the Rodríguez family, honor the legacy of El Mártir de Dos Ríos (The Martyr of Two Rivers).